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Trinity Lutheran Church
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

You are always welcome in this place.

Invite, Equip, Send                                                 

On behalf of the members here at Trinity, I would like to express our excitement at the opportunity to know you and to share with you the marvelous ways in which Christ is working in our church.  Here at Trinity we INVITE people of all backgrounds into the full ministry of a Christ-centered community where you can become a part of the family - the family of faith!  As a church, we strive to EQUIP every member with the tools for faith and living.  So equipped, we believe we are then SENT out into the world to share God's story.  To share God's love.  INVITE, EQUIP, SEND.  Simply put, it means that in our walk together we get to see, know, and love the Christ in each other.  

Inside this website you will find information on some of the ministries we have been empowered to do as a family of faith in Christ's name.  It won't take you long to discover that Trinity truly is a family:  A family that is rich in the relationships that matter most - with the world, each other, and with our Lord.  Growing together in faith and love, we worship, we serve, we learn, and we reach out in a world that desperately needs to hear what it cannot do without:  the "Good News" of God in Christ Jesus. 

And so, we reach out to you as well.  If you've been thinking, searching, hoping and praying for a special place to belong, we say again - WELCOME!  May you find Trinity Lutheran Church to be that special place!


Wednesday until Feb 22
6:30 pm Worship
7:15 pm Faith Walk

9:00 am Worship
Sunday School
10:00 Coffee Hour

March 1 - Ash Wednesday Worship & Communion 7:00 pm

March 5  thru April 5
9:00 am Worship &
         Sunday School
10:00 Coffee Hour

5:30—6:30 pm Soup Supper  7:00 pm Lenten Worship 

April 9  - Palm Sunday
9:00 am
1:00—3:00 pm Easter Egg Hunt

April 14 - Maundy Thursday 7:00 pm Worship & Communion

 April 14 - Good Friday 
1:00 pm Worship & Communion
7:00 pm Service of Shadows

April 16 - Easter Sunday 
7:00, 9:00, & 10:30 am
Worship & Communion  

7:30 – 9:00  Easter Morning Breakfast at Trinity Crossing  



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ONLINE GIVING | We are now offering a quick and easy way to give online through our website!  The GIVE NOW LINK in the upper right hand corner will direct you to a safe & easy way of donating to Trinity!  Questions - please contact the church office.